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Dugout , March 2017
Description : Cricket , politics and reality
Panchti Shrestho Upanas, February 2017
Description : A collection of 5 of the best works of Manik Bandopadhyay - Janani,Dibaratrir Kabya,Padmanadir Majhi...
Description : A collection of paranormal stories
Premer Unish Kuri
Description : A story of love life n struggle of the teenagers
Prabandha Sangraha
Description : Collections of novels by Satyajit Ray
Noboi Periaye
Description : To Be Updated
Tuneer_e Tinti Teer ( তূণীরে তিনটি তির )
Description : A triller you will enjoy
Rushika ( রুশিকা )
Description : A story of the tribal Their life as tough as the rocky hills of the mountains brings in joy and lo...
Rabindranath O Kadamboridevi( রবীন্দ্রনাথ ও কাদম্বরীদেবী  ) : manobijnaner aloke samparker itibritta
Description : An interesting study of the psychology of Rabindranath and Kadambari Devi , life ... family... pros...
Description : In the monotony of life ,family life of Aniket looses its Charm. So he leaves for a small trip on th...
Bhoot Samagra (ভূত সমগ্র)
Description : A collect of Ghost stories
Sreecharaneshu Baba (শ্রীচরণেষু বাবা)
Description : The famous author poet Rabindranath Tagore has written a book rembering his father named as PITRIDEB...
Lash Talash (লাশ তালাশ)
Description : A riveting medley of horror, crime and science fiction in 1 novel, 1 novelette and 18 stories that a...
Pretjani (প্রেতযোনি )
Description : The beautiful Neepa runs away with his lover at the age of 14, and reaches his den in a family with...
Kori Diye Kinlam :Book 1(B)
Description : Kari Diye Kinlam is set in the backdrop of preindependent India. People of Bengal specially the men ...
Kori Diye Kinlam :Book 2(B)
Description : This is the second part of the book Kari Diye Kinlam is set in the backdrop of preindependent In...
Jagumama Rahasya Samagra 3
Description : Third volume of compilation of the best works from the Tuklu-Jogumama series authored by Tridib Kuma...
Aamar Meyebela
Aamar Meyebela
Author : Taslima Nasrin
Publisher : pbs
Description : Amar Meye Bela is Autobiography & popular book of Taslima Nasrin. Taslima Nasrin is Bangladeshi Nov...
Author : Taslima Nasrin
Publisher : Ma Publisher
Description : Taslima Nasrin is Disputed and Exiled Bangladeshi Novelist, Columnist and poet. She leaved Banglades...
Thakur Barir Bahirmahal
Description :
Calcutta_y Nabakumar.
Description : A sequel to the most popular book Kolikatay Nabakumar by the author
Ahare Anahare Maharaj Vivekananda
Description : "Ahare Anahare Maharaj Vivekananda" will take a peek into the culinary interests of the monk. S...
Aranyer Adhikar
Description : The original inhabitants of India, adivasis of different clans, communities and groups, not only Dra...
Ek Songe Eto Bhut
Description : A collection of Buter Golpo from many authors compiled together
Sera 50 ti Golpo
Description : A collection of the best 50 stories by the author Swapnomay Chakroborty