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Description : Satinath\'s first novel was Jagari (1946), for which he received the very first Rabindra Puraskar (1...
Duswapno Barbar
Description : To be updated
Golposamagra :Vol 1
Description :
Damka Hawa
Description : New release book by the author in boimaele 2015
Uro Khoi (Part 2)
Uro Khoi (Part 2)
Author : Bimal Kar
Publisher :
Description : To be updated.
Kobi O Kahani
Description :
Katha Amrita Saman - 2
Description : Volume 2 of the book Katha Amrita Saman Be it Dharma Shastra , Be it Karma Shastra, Be it Kamsha...
Rahsya Goyenda Comics
Description : Detective stories in comics
Description : Bijan is the hero of this novel , he is a loner. who do not like mixing with people and
Description : Her controversial first novel, Shankini, an explosive debut. She lived her life in vast controversi...
Description :
Astam Garbha : 2
Description : Second part of Astham Garbha
Shandya Rat_er Shefali
Description : Miss Shefali is a trend setter in Bengal as a cabaret dancer. Autobiography of the dancer of yestery...
Description : The usual death of the women.. The illegitimate relation of the man and women... Two tillers tha...
Nayak Robi
Description : The first Novel about the great writer poet and philosopher Rabindranath
Juborani Diana
Description : She is an exceptional beauty... Diana. A story of love and empire. What made her life? What broke i...
Bharat Prem Kotha
Description : The thousand love stories of Mahabharata are treasures of the epic. These stories are of heavenly ab...
Akash Anghsoto Meghla
Description : A story of the new generation youth who believes in living the moment... they question everything th...
Shailen Ghosh er Golpo Samagra
Description : A complete collection of children stories by the author. Reading the book will enchant children to w...
Gopposoppo Botrish er Dhakka
Description : Collection of 32 stories by Suchitra Bhattacharya, that will make you laugh, think, cry and even you...
Kiriti Omnibus :Book 2
Description : A collection of detective stories by Niharranjan Gupta The famous detective kiriti created by the a...
Kiriti Omnibus :Book 1
Description : A collection of detective stories by Niharranjan Gupta The famous detective kiriti is a creation of...
Tapobhumi Narmada
Tapobhumi Narmada
Author : A M Goldsher
Publisher :
Description :
Description : To the Rasik Clan, ‘Manbhoom’ is the land of songs and dance. The novel ‘Rasik’ focuses on t...
Upanyas Samagrah : Nabarun Bhattacharya
Description : Collection of Nabarun Bhattacharya\'s Fiction and novels