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Before I Go To Sleep
Author: S. J. Watson

Publisher: Transworld
ISBN: 9780552164122
Pages: 384
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A woman wakes up every morning in a bed she can’t remember next to a man she does not recognize. Each morning, the man calms her down and tells her that she is Christine Lucas, 47 years old and his beloved wife. He explains that two years ago, she was in a terrible accident which left her with anterograde amnesia. Her brain can’t form new memories. However, a phone call from a Dr. Nash changes everything. He informs her that he is a leading neurologist who has been working with her to help her condition without her husband’s knowledge. He directs her to a journal she has been secretly maintaining. She finds the journal in the back of her closet and begins to go through it. What she discovers is that no one can be trusted, not even the man who says he loves her.
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