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Goosebumps ; Welcome To Dead House
Author: R L Stine

Publisher: Scholastics
ISBN: 9780590453653
Pages: 215
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A suspenseful thriller written for children and adolescents, Goosebumps: Welcome To Dead House tells the story of the Benson family, who suddenly get lucky and inherit the property of their dead great uncle, Charles. As the family land up in the perpetually gloomy town of Dark Falls, they’re met by the estate agent, Compton Dawes. However, the kids, Amanda and Josh, find the ancient house to be very spooky. The kids begin to settle into the town and make new friends. But, something about these friends doesn’t seem quite so ordinary.

As the family continues to stay in the house, they begin to witness strange occurrences and most often, it’s the kids who’re victim to these. The family find out that the house harbours more than its fair share of unwelcome residents and that the unknown Uncle Charles might not be their most caring relative.

Why are the members of the family always the victims of these strange occurrences? Who are these visitors who keep coming and going from the house? What is their connection to the house? Is the Benson family in trouble? If they are, who is going to save them? To get the answers to these questions, readers should read Goosebumps: Welcome To Dead House.

The first book in Goosebumps original series, Goosebumps: Welcome To Dead House was originally published in 1992. The story is written in a first person narrative and Stine describes the town in a very eerie manner. The book contains several interesting plots and the ending is something that readers will not see coming.