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Amar chitra katha : Stories of Krishna (5 in 1)
Author: Anant Pai

Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha
ISBN: 9788189999186
Pages: 160
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Stories Of Krishna (5 In 1), composed by Anant Pai, is a set of five different books on the subject in hardcover. The set consists of Krishna, Krishna and Rukmini, The Syamantaka Gem, Krishna and Jarasandha and Krishna and Narakasura. The books are intended for children in the age group of 9-14 years.

Krishna, the first book, gives us the story of how Krishna came to be in the world. Kamsa imprisoned his own father and tried to rule over Mathura. However, his reign came under threat even as he thought his army was invincible. The source of this threat was the most surprising aspect. A cowherd boy, rumored to be the one who was prophesied to kill Kamsa, would be none other than Krishna, the eighth son of Devaki, Kamsa’s sister.

The Syamantaka Gem was the property of Surya, the Sun God. It was an amulet with strange properties as it strengthened its wearer if pious, and punished them if not. Under a curious set of events, the gem was stolen after its owner, who received it as a gift from Surya, was killed. All fingers were pointed at Krishna. The Syamantaka Gem shows how Krishna proves his innocence.

Krishna and Rukmini tells us the romantic story of how Krishna and Rukmini got together, even after Rukmini was betrothed to Shishupala, unmindful of her open contempt for him. The book tells us how Krishna and Balarama travel to Rukmini’s town and carry her away on his chariot after Balarama defeats Shishupala in battle.

Jarasandha was the mighty ruler of Magadha and even his name made people quake in their shoes. The Yadava tribe had relocated to Dwaraka so as to escape the wrath of Jarasandha in Magadha. Krishna and Jarasandha is the story of how Krishna helps the Pandavas defeat Jarasandha.

Krishna and Narakasura tells us as to why the first four days of Diwali are named after Naraka, the terrible demon who defeated the gods and stole their possessions. The gods request Krishna to help them and the book tells us how he managed to do so.