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Selenium 2 testing tools : beginner's guide
Author: Burns

Publisher: Shroff
ISBN: 9789350239384
Pages: 201
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Selenium WebDriver is the most popular and the most widely used tool for browser automation. The book is intended for Quality Assurance Professionals, Developers, as well as Software Managers. Rather than theory, the book stresses on learning by doing, in order to excel in this topic.

Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide starts with explaining how to install the Selenium IDE, and record tests. It shows the developers and the testers, how to create automated tests using a browser. The book also illustrates how to use Selenium IDE for quick tests, and Selenium WebDriver for lasting tests. It also discusses the history, as well as the architectural designs for Selenium WebDriver, and introduces the reader to the various design patterns that can be used with Selenium WebDriver.

The author also shows how to use Selenium WebDriver with mobile browsers, as well as desktop browsers. The book also explains, in detail, how to capture the network traffic between the web-server and the browser. The author also covers the AJAX calls, and illustrates how they work with your tests.

Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide has 11 chapters. Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Locators, Finding Elements, Design Patterns, Selenium Grid, Working with WebDriver, and Working with HTML5, are some of these chapters. The last chapter of the book deals with the advanced topics.

Each chapter has ‘What just happened’ headings, which explain the working of instructions or tasks that have been completed. ‘Pop quiz’ are multiple choice questions, which help the reader test his own understanding of the topics that have been covered. ‘Have a go hero’ sets practical challenges for the reader, and here the author also gives ideas for experimenting with the topics covered. Apart from this, there are ‘Tip’ boxes, for tips and tricks, and ‘Note’ boxes, for important notes and warnings.

The book is filled with examples and codes, to aid the understanding of the topic. It helps the reader understand how to handle tests efficiently, and in lesser time. Selenium 2 Testing Tools: Beginner’s Guide is an excellent book for students, as well as professionals.