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Author: Amar Mitra

Publisher: Dey Publisher's
ISBN: 214587954213
Pages: 256
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In Aswacharit, he deals with Magic Realism. Siddhartha, the Prince of Kapilabastu , later known as Buddha. ,left behind his kingdom , mundane glory and wealth and chose the steep path of sacrifice ; the long and lonely way to salvation. Kanthak , the Prince's Horse and Chhandak , the charioteer , were both left deserted . The Horse disappeared in one full-moon night of Boishakh, birth day of Buddha from the seaside of south-Bengal, his shelter at the end of 20th century. Then the perennial search of the charioteer for the Horse began.

The historical legend is symbolically explored in Aswacharit( Chronicle of the Horse ). In this magical work of art- past and present ; ancient and modern times ; age-old History and stark reality are contritely juxtaposed . The charioteer, in his constant and confusing search,traverses a long way ; – from the legendary shipyard of ancient time to the rocket launching ground of the 21st century. Aswa, the Horse,on the other hand, is being followed by a killer who is in ambush . In self- defence, the Horse also runs through the whole of the country; villages, the deserts , the entire human-abode which is shown as overshadowed and endangered by radio-active rays due to consecutive atomic experiments in the desert of Thar, Rajasthan at the day of Buddhapurnima, birth day of Buddha.

Through this superbly written modern classic , the writer sends a message to his readers that humanity itself is endangered by lust of power , indiscriminate violence and killings and war. Set firmly in the past; yet with a wary eye on the present.