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Author: Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Publisher: Dey Publisher's
ISBN: 93829510085
Pages: 203
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Jatin, the male protagonist of the novel, a Brahmin lives in a village. Though he is highly educated yet he is unemployed and poor. His wife Ashalata has deserted him and lives in her maternal house with their children. Jatin has met neither his wife nor his children for years. After suffering from high fever Jatin dies. Right after hi death Jatin discovers Pushpa, his very intimate childhood friend who died 13 years ago is standing beside his bed. Pushpa tells Jatin that she has come to take him with her. And from here the main story begins. Jatin learns death is not the end of everything, but, it is just a beginning of a new life (i.e. Debjan).