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Geronimo Stilton: #16 A Cheese-Colored Camper
Author: Geronimo Stilton

Publisher: Scholastic
ISBN: 9780439691390
Pages: 128
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This book traces one of Geronimo Stilton’s unusually good days. It talks about how he woke up before his alarm went off, the breakfast tasted delicious, and how he even managed to get a seat on the crowded subway as he made his way to office. He is the publisher of The Rodent’s Gazette, the most widely read newspaper in New Mouse City. But when he reaches his office, he is startled to find someone already seated in his chair, busy with work. Grandfather William Shortpaws was back and was in his typical bad mood. Geronimo, like everyone else, was quite scared of his grandfather. Besides being the founder of the company, Grandfather Shortpaws, was a high-headed, no-nonsense kind of mouse. And now he had returned to wreak havoc at the publishing house. He wanted to publish three million guidebooks to Ratzikistan, an icy cold dessert, and he wanted Geronimo to write it. Would Geronimo be able to please his grandfather with his manuscript? More importantly, would he survive the freezing temperatures of Ratzikistan?