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The Habit of Winning
Author: Prakash Iyer , R. Gopalakrishnan

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143068280
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In The Habit of Winning, author Prakash Iyer tries to identify that special quality that makes for winners. The format of the book is interesting, making it an easy read. The author tells us stories of people like Sachin Tendulkar, Charlie Plumb, Mahatma Gandhi, Randy Pauch and a host of other winners. They all have a particular trait - hard work, perseverance or being a good team player – which gives them the ability to fight the odds and scale success.

The Habit of Winning is almost like a book of short stories. Each chapter has stories to narrate and within this story, we find that the author has highlighted the attributes that help us to make winning a habit. Prakash Iyer does not restrict himself to giving us winning stories about individuals. He narrates and focuses on what it is that makes even a cockroach or a rabbit a winner. The book also acknowledges the fact that there is a lot that you do not learn at management school. It is the challenge of everyday living that sometimes gives you the attributes that make you a winner.

This self-help book also has a lot of personal elements. The author has picked up incidents from his life to better illustrate his philosophy. The book definitely gives the reader plenty of information on how to inculcate the attributes that help making winning a habit.