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One Day At A Time
Author: Albuquerque Solomon

Publisher: Berean Bay Media House Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788190257817
Pages: 340
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"Is Business Enterprise a profession that turns good men into devils?
Further, will only Christians go to heaven?

Two seemingly unrelated questions brought together in one glorious stroke as best­selling author Ingrid Albuquerque-Solomon, in One Day At A Time, pulls the lives of her subjects — Basant Kumar Er Saraladevi Birla threadbare, under the relentless microscope of God's Holy Word.

The controversial voyage does not stop there. The author fearlessly marches onto the ground where angels themselves would fear to tread.

What is the destiny of Christ-like non-Christians?
(and the opposite too — the future of un-Christ-like Christians?)

The book is going to amaze and shake up both, Hindus and Christians, even as the fascinating narrative of the lives of Basant Kumar Birla and his wife Sarala will enrapture a multitude of readers:

History buffs will learn of the tight-rope role played by this illustrious family in the freedom struggle; involving dear-heart but thin-ice interaction with Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel, and the resulting tensions that arose due to differences in their perception of Pakistan
Those looking for success stories will find the secrets of financial success that equipped Basant Kumar Birla to become the most successful businessman of his time and an icon for entrepreneurs ever after
Readers looking for insights into the emotions and passions of a leading business family in India will find a goldmine, at the unembellished account of the complex relationships within the large extended family and of those in the immediate clan is presented with candid detail.

At last! The book that this country has been waiting for the biography of Basant Kumar and Saraladevi Birla which will prove to today's die-hard, young and ambitious entrepreneurs that one can climb to the top of success and prosperity without selling one's soul to the devil.

About The Author
writer, businessperson, Founder of Effective Single Parenting, Website Editor and International Faculty at Haggai Institute's Leadership Training Centres in Maui and Singapore, multi-talented Albuquerque-Solomon insists that her most delightful role is that of being mother to Johann, Victor, Jacqueline and Janet who live in homes of their own in her city Bangalore, India.

Table of Contents

Foreword Goldmine
The Best Way To Read This Book
Prologue The Universal Thirst For Salvation

Chapter One Planting Vineyards
Chapter Two Lotus Focus
Chapter Three Everland
Chapter Four Treasure Test
Chapter Five Standing On Principle
Chapter Six Brand Stand
Chapter Seven Rope'S Down
Chapter Eight Even Tide
Chapter Nine Changing Wings
Chapter Ten Somebody Wound The Clock
Epilogue The Only Way"