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Globalization And Its Discontents
Author: Joseph Stiglitz

Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 9780143029465
Pages: 304
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Globalisation And Its Discontents..........'Globalisation today is not working for many of the world's poor for much of the environment for the stability of the global economy.' From a leader of the anti-globalisation movement, a statement like this would not be remarkable. But coming from Joseph Stiglitz - former Chief Economist at the World Bank - it is startling and challenging. Stiglitz's extraordinary authority and experience make this a compelling book. He argues that the West has seriously mismanaged the process of privatisation, liberalisation and stabilization, and that by following its advice many Third World countries and former Communist states are actually worse off now than they were before. But he does not take a simplistic pro-or anti-globalisation stance. Instead he confronts us with the often difficult realities of the world. Stiglitz also offers real, though tough, solutions. In so doing he addresses some of the most pressing concerns of our age.