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The President is Coming
Author: Anuvab Pal

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9788184000948
Pages: 184
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It is 2006, and George W Bush is about to fly to India on a state visit. He asks to meet one young Indian who represents the new face of the nation, and across the country, the search for the ‘right’ Indians soon reaches fever pitch. Finally, six candidates are shortlisted. They are: a stockbroking genius fuelled by dhoklas and Bollywood music, a Bengali with literary aspirations, the CEO of a lipstick company, a crudely sexist social activist, an Americanized BPO trainer from Noida, and a Microsoft programmer searching desperately for a partner. But how does one pick the winner? Enter a pair of self-proclaimed spin doctors who take the contestants through a round of tests, each more absurd than the other. The next day, the President will shake the winner’s hand. All six contestants are desperate to win. Who will come out first?