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The Professional
Author: Subroto Bagchi

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780670082957
Pages: 240
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"Bagchi’s first best-selling book, The High-Performance Entrepreneur, shared his story of building a company. His second bestseller, Go Kiss the World, was the story of his life, a motivation to young people that anyone can achieve. But as Subroto Bagchi says: ‘Go Kiss the World did not provide a tool kit.’ In The Professional he gives us his knowledge, based on his lifelong experience, of what it takes to be a professional, what qualities you need to become a great professional. Most importantly, he asks, and gives answers, to the toughest question every professional faces: Is what I am going to do now, faced with a difficult decision and multiple options, the professional choice to make?

In a world where a ‘Satyam saga’ was incomprehensible; where the global economic meltdown has affected the livelihoods of millions of people; where companies and individuals are routinely revealed to have made unprofessional choices, The Professional provides the explicit and implicit code of conduct— the boundaries which separate a skilled individual from a professional.