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Be a Network Marketing Superstar: The One Book You Need to Make More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible
Description : Featuring worksheets with exercises, this book takes direct sellers and network marketers through th...
Corporate Chanakya on Leadership
Description : Chanakya, the most powerful strategist of 4th Century BC, documented his ideas on leadership, in the...
Corporate Chanakya
Description : Chanakya, who lived in 3rd Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to ide...
Description : Chanakya, who lived in 3rd Century BC, was a leadership guru par excellence. His ideas on how to ide...
Crisis Economics - A Crash Course in the Future of Finance
Description : Roubini (or ‘Dr Doom’) has been hailed as a financial prophet paperback packaging will highli...
50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website
Description : 50 Ways to Make Google Love Your Website
Manage Your Career: How to Develop Your Career in the Right Direction
Description : Helps you make the most of your talents and potential to enable your dreams to become a reality. Pac...
Who Says Elephants Can't Dance?: How I Turned Around IBM
Description : CEO Louis V. Gerstner Jr.'s memoir about the extraordinary turnaround of IBM and his transformation ...
Tata: The Evolution Of A Corporate Brand
Description : A series of high-profile acquisitions, including Jaguar Land Rover and Corus Steel, together with th...
Description : To Be Updated
Author : PRAYAS
Publisher :
Description :
Description : To Be Updated
Description : To Be Updated
Financial Institutions and Markets
Description : " Up-to-date information and knowledge of all major changes, developments, and innovations, which ha...
Financial Statement Analysis
Description :
A Basket Of Fallen Leaves
Description : To Be Updated
Managing Change: Lessons Learned
Description : Wondering how the most accomplished leaders from around the globe have tackled their toughest challe...
Principles of Accounts (for ISC Class XII): Volune II
Description : To Be updated
Manual Of Enviorment And Pollution Laws
Description : To Be Updated
The Winning Way
Description : Learnings From Sport for Managers is a guide to consistently achieve success. The book encompasses t...
Principles Of Accounts (For ISC Class XI)- Volume I
Description : Prepared strictly according to the new syllabus (March 2013) prescribed for ISC students. Designed ...
Electrical Safety
Description : Covering every major electrical standard, including NEC, NESC, NFPA, 70E, IEEE 1584, and OSHA, Elect...
Safety World by Karam - 2007
Safety World by Karam - 2007
Author : NA
Publisher :
Description : To be updated.
Health & Safety at Work
Description : There have been significant advances in health and safety law in the past decade covering, in partic...
Building and Other Construction Workers (...) Act, 1996 and Rules, 1998 4th Edition
Description : It covers all the aspects of " The building and other construction workers Act, 1996 & Rules 1998"