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Into the Wild
Author: Jon Krakauer

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
ISBN: 9780330351690
Pages: 224
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Chris, an intelligent young man who graduated with high grades, came from a wealthy and loving family. He was intelligent and graduated with double grades. However, this did not stop him from leaving everything behind and trekking into the wilderness where he could find a way to be close to nature. He was in search of something more deep and elusive in life. He had a yearning to explore and live a simple life. It was in the year of 1992 that he decided to give away his savings and start life anew and experience life in its simplest form. His family searched for him, but he had erased all tracks. Four months later they found his body in an abandoned bus. It was found by a moose hunter in a remote corner of the Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Jon Krakauer, the author of this book, wrote an article about Chris in the year 1993 for the Outside magazine. The reactions to the young man’s story were different. Some said that he was foolish and got what he deserved while others were in awe of his courage to go out and find meaning to his life.
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