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Heartswap: Would You Seduce Your Best Friend's Fiance
Author: Celia Brayfield

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780751531404
Pages: 312
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The plot was predictable but still workable. I skipped over bits that seemed like waffle and not essential to the storyline, eg., towards the end of the book a minor character visits his parents and we learn a bit about his childhood and therefore his personality - but given that it was a short book with five main characters already, I was aksing myself, "why is this here?". I would have rather had learnt more about the main characters. Also, it was almost as if the author was trying to write well, instead of writing characters that we cared about and wanted to follow. The positive feedback is that I actually finished the book, instead of giving up, so it was obviously better than the book I attemped just before Heartswap, but I'm glad it was a borrowed book and I didn't waste money buying it. If you like this genre, try Marian Keyes or Fiona Walker before this one.