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Chhota Bheem: Blast From The Past
Author: Mr.Arun Shendurnikar

Publisher: Green Gold Animation Pvt Ltd
ISBN: 9789380708508
Pages: 30
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Chhota Bheem: In Blast From The Past is the fifty-third volume in the Chhota Bheem series written by Raj Viswanadha. Popularly known as a cartoon character, Chhota Bheem has become a household name and a favorite of children across India. The comic series featuring Chhota Bheem narrates fun-filled stories and teaches the readers a moral with each story. The important characters from this series are Bheem, Raju, Chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu & Bholu, and Indumati. Bheem, a 9 year old boy, is the protagonist of all the books under this series. He is a strong, brave, and intelligent boy who loves to help the poor and needy. He is also a foodie and loves bananas and laddoos. This book covers a special incident in Dholakpur, where everybody is celebrating the birthday of the superhero Bheem. The birthday boy gets a surprise party from his friends. The ambiance is fun-filled, with lots of music and dance is going on, and Bheem is even more surprised when he learns that various delicacies have been prepared just for him. On this special occasion, readers get to know the story behind how Bheem and his friends met, as Raju’s father narrates the whole tale.