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Kane Chronicles: Red Pyramid
Author: Rick Riordan

Publisher: Puffin Books
ISBN: 9780141325507
Pages: 519
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After writing about Greek Gods and demigods, Rick Riordan turned his attention to Egypt for a new series. The Red Pyramid is the first of a series where the main characters are descended from Pharaohs and Egyptian magicians.

Carter Kane is fourteen and he lives and travels around the world with his Egyptologist father, Julius Kane. He has a younger sister Sadie, who is twelve years old. Sadie lives with her grandparents in London. Julius Kane takes Carter to London to visit Sadie and spend time together as a family during Christmas. After picking up Sadie, Julius takes his children to visit the British Museum. On the way, the children see their father speaking to a man they do not know.

At the museum, Julius, who is actually an Egyptian magician, tries to summon the Egyptian God Osiris. In the process he also releases the other Egyptian Gods born on the Demon Days, Horus, Nephthys, Set and Isis. Set imprisons Julius. The stunned children who are witnesses to the incident are taken into custody by the British police. However, they are rescued from further trouble by the mysterious stranger they saw their father talking to some time earlier.

The man turns out to be Amos Kane, their uncle. He takes them to their family home, a huge mansion. He tells them they can explore the house, but to stay out of the library. So, naturally, the two go to the library. Set’s army begins an attack on the mansion. However, Sadie’s cat Muffin, who is actually the cat goddess Bast, saves the children. They later meet Zia Rashid who also helps the kids escape.

They are taken to Egypt, to the House Of Life, to be trained as magicians. But, when the chief of the magicians dies and a new one takes over, the children are seen as a threat and they have to flee.

The Red Pyramid then takes the two children around the world, from Egypt to Paris to Washington, as they try to find a way to stop Set and rescue their father.