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JavaScript: The Definitive Guide( 6th Edition)
Author: David Flanagan

Publisher: O'Reilly
ISBN: 9789350233948
Pages: 1120
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avaScript is popular multi paradigm language that is an essential part of many websites today. This edition by Flanagan is an informative source for understanding JavaScript.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide begins with an introduction on core JavaScript and client-side Java script. In a lucid manner the author tries to explain the scripting language.

Organized into four parts and divided into 22 chapters, the book delivers a wealth of information on a wide variety of chapters beginning with lexical structure, expressions and operators and moves on to arrays, Java subsets and extensions.

Part one of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide focuses on the language itself and its minimal built-in API. The following part deals with the use of Java script in web browsers. The third and fourth section are the reference sections for the core API and client-side Java script respectively.
The many chapters in the first part of the book covers a wide range of topics including types, values, variables, objects, arrays, classes and modules, regular expressions, functions JavaScript subsets and extensions and server-side JavaScript.

The second part of the book comprising of ten chapters focuses on how to deal with the language within a web browser. It focuses on topics like the process to embed JavaScript code in HTML files, the security of JavaScript code, differences among browsers and the versions thereof, the Window object, scripting HTTP, and its use in Ajax.

JavaScript: The Definitive Guide also explains how to access and manage the elements within the Document Object Model (DOM), scripting CSS styles, the jQuery library and techniques for storing data on the user's computer.

The authors have included the new objects and methods introduced with HTML5 and also includes the ECMAScript 5. The third and fourth reference sections of the book is highly useful for programmers to understand the core Java script and client-side Java language better.

Published in 2011, the book is popular with Java developers for its concise and comprehensive treatment.