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Amar Chitra Katha :The Legend Of Lalitaditya
Author: Y P Singh

Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha
ISBN: 9788184821260
Pages: 32
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Lalitaditya ruled over Kashmir from 724 AD to 760 AD. During his reign, the kingdom of Kashmir became the most powerful empire in India. If the brave King Lalitaditya had not ascended the throne of Kashmir in the eighth century, alien marauders probably would have overrun India much earlier. Of all the kingdoms in ancient India, Kashmir alone has the unique advantage of possessing a written history from very early times.

This Sanskrit work in verse, called Rajatarangini (River of Kings), was written by Kalhana in the 12th century. Our Amar Chitra Katha on Lalitaditya is based on Kalhana's records. Lalitaditya lavished great resources in decorating and beautifying his empire. He ruled for 36 years and, according to the record in Rajataringini, he conquered Karnataka, Konkan and even reached Dwarka. Even if we do not take into account the poetic license in Kalhana's literary work, Lalitaditya emerges as a great king.