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Sachin: A Hundred Hundreds Now
Author: V.Krishnaswamy

Publisher: Harper
ISBN: 9789350299999
Pages: 105
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Sachin Tendulkar is an iconic figure, an object of adulation, and an idol for many. Each of his numerous achievements in the cricketing field have been chronicled, analyzed and admired by both fans and experts alike. He has many stunning records to his credit and one of the outstanding ones is that he has scored a hundred centuries in international cricket. He scored his landmark 100th hundred on 16th March, 2012, at Mirpur in Dhaka

Sachin: A Hundred Hundreds Now collects all those landmark hundreds and presents them along with interesting facts about world events. With a career spanning over 20 years, his cricketing life has also passed through many defining moments in world and Indian history.
The book chronicles Sachin's hundreds and also presents world events and events of national importance that occurred during the period the century was scored. So, the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the demolition of the Babri Masjid, and the completion of the 60th year on the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, all receive mention.

Alogide Sachin’s defining moments, the author also draws a parallel between his achievements and that of two other sporting greats Viswanathan Anand and Leander Paes. The Chess and Tennis champions have left many comparable imprints on the country's sporting arena, and the author also profiles these.

Sachin’s centuries are presented chronologically. Alongwith the discussion of the centuries, the author also presents the status of the series, ODI or Test, before Sachin’s Innings. At the start of each chapter, he also profiles Sachin’s record in the previous year.

Going beyond just a statistical compilation of data, the book presents Sachin’s centuries in the context of the series in which he scored them. The book also adds interest by profiling the achievements of two other sporting legends and by linking the time in which the hundreds were sacred to important events.

Sachin: A Hundred Hundreds Now is a good addition to the library of not just Sachin fans, but also to the library of anyone interested in collecting information about incredible sporting achievements.