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My Brief History : A Memoir
Author: Stephen Hawking

Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 9780593072523
Pages: 128
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Everyone knows of Stephen Hawking. Those even who are not related to the field of physics or astronomy have heard of him. He needs no introduction. He is the man who explored the cosmos like no one else has, according to me. Stephen Hawking has written a lot of books on the phenomenon of science and its mysteries and in his latest and brief book he speaks about his life.

My Brief History is about his life well in brief. He speaks from the time he was born to his interest in science to his humble beginnings to his suffering and finally to how he decided to overcome it in his own way. The book may be a small one, however it gives us more insight into the person that Hawking was and is. Truly a treat for all his fans and for people who want to know more about his life.