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Successful Business Intelligence : Secrets to Making BI a Killer App
Author: Cindi Howson

Publisher: Tata McGraw - Hill Education
ISBN: 9780070223660
Pages: 325
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This book will help business decision-makers and Business Intelligence professionals get the most value out of their BI investments. learn about the components of a BI architecture, how to choose the appropriate tools and technologies, and how to roll out a BI strategy throughout the organization. Chapters include case studies and best practices that explain how successful companies execute on the topic at hand.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Business Intelligence from the Business Side
Chapter 2. Techno Babble: Components of a Business Intelligence Architecture
Chapter 3. The Business Intelligence Front-End
Chapter 4. Measures of Success
Chapter 5. The LOFT Effect
Chapter 6. Executive Support
Chapter 7. D Is for Data
Chapter 8. The Business-IT Partnership
Chapter 9. Relevance
Chapter 10. Agile Development
Chapter 11. Organizing for Success
Chapter 12. The Right BI Tool for the Right User
Chapter 13. Other Secrets to Success
Chapter 14. The Future of Business Intelligence
Appendix A: This Successful BI Survey
Appendix B: Recommended Resources