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Web Services Essentials
Author: Ethan Cerami

Publisher: Shroff/o'reilly
ISBN: 9788173663390
Pages: 320
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"As a developer new to Web Services, how do you make sense of this emerging framework so you can start writing your own services today? This concise book gives programmers both a concrete introduction and a handy reference to XML web services, first by explaining the foundations of this new breed of distributed services, and then by demonstrating quick ways to create services with open-source Java tools. Web Services make it possible for diverse applications to discover each other and exchange data seamlessly via the Internet. For instance, programs written in Java and running on Solaris can find and call code written in C# that run on Windows XP, or programs written in Perl that run on Linux, without any concern about the details of how that service is implemented. A common set of Web Services is at the core of Microsoft's new .NET strategy, Sun Microsystems's Sun One Platform, and the W3C's XML Protocol Activity Group.
In this book, author Ethan Cerami explores four key emerging technologies: XML Remote Procedure Calls (XML-RPC)
Universal Discovery, Description and Integration (UDDI)
Web Services Description Language (WSDL)SOAP - The foundation for most commercial Web Services developmentFor each of these topics, Web Services Essentials provides a quick overview, Java tutorials with sample code, samples of the XML documents underlying the service, and explanations of freely-available Java APIs. Cerami also includes a guide to the current state of Web Services, pointers to open-source tools and a comprehensive glossary of terms. If you want to break through the Web Services hype and find useful information on these evolving technologies, look no further than Web Services Essentials.
About the Author Ethan Cerami is a Senior Software Engineer at the Center for Computational Biology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and an adjunct faculty in the Department of Computer Science at New York University. He is the author of Web Services Essentials (O'Reilly), and is currently hard at work on 'XML for Bioinformatics' (O'Reilly).

Ethan Cerami

Introduction to Web ServicesChapter 1 Introduction XML-RPCChapter 2 XML-RPC EssentialsSOAPChapter 3 SOAP EssentialsChapter 4 Apache SOAP Quick StartChapter 5 Programming Apache SOAPChapter 6 WSDL EssentialsUDDIChapter 7 UDDI EssentialsChapter 8 UDDI Inquiry API: Quick ReferenceChapter 9 UDDI 4JGlossaryColophon"