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Macrowikinomics : Rebooting Business And The World
Author: Don Tapscott , Anthony D. Francis

Publisher: Atlantic Books
ISBN: 9781848877207
Pages: 432
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The sequel to the international #1 bestseller, Wikinomics.

Wikinomics showed how mass collaboration was changing businesses around the world.

‘ Don Tapscott and anthony Williams’ insights about the power of collaborative innovation and open systems , their call ‘reboot’ our institutions – business, wducation, media, government – haven’t come a minute too soon. Macrowikinomics inspires by chronocling these path breaking developments and pointing the way forward for all of us.’- Eric Schmidt, CEO,GOOGLE

‘A masterpiece. An iconic and defining book for our time. MACROWIKINOMICS shows us a furure ready to be shaped (and saved) by a global network of extracurricular thinkers. Take heart and take heed. Technology has shrunk the world so we can grow it anew. And the seeds are all in here.’ – Mark parker , CEO , NIKE

MacroWikinomics takes it beyond the boardroom to show how the mass collaboration is revolutionizing the way we live, work, and create.

The era of the monolithic, self-contained, inwardly focused corporation is over. In Wikinomics Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams showed how the internet is changing the way the very smartest business managers think about structures and strategies in the 21st century. Now, in MacroWikinomics, they demonstrate how this revolution in thinking is spreading outwards to other sectors – from education and scientific institutions, to entertainment and media, to government and democracy.

MacroWikinomics is a groundbreaking and definitive look at achieving success for a new century, a new media, a new generation and a new economy.