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Eat That Frog : 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time
Author: Brian Tracy

Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9780070659582
Pages: 144
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Table of Content:

Chapter 1. Set The Table
Chapter 2. Plan Everyday In Advance
Chapter 3. Apply The 80/20 Rule To Everything
Chapter 4. Consider The Consequences
Chapter 5. Practice Creative Procrastination
Chapter 6. Use The ABCDE Method Continually
Chapter 7. Focus On Key Result Areas
Chapter 8. Apply The Law Of Three
Chapter 9. Prepare Thoroughly Before You Begin
Chapter 10. Take It One Oil Barrel At A Time
Chapter 11. Upgrade Your Key Skills
Chapter 12. Leverage Your Special Talents
Chapter 13. Identify Your Key Constraints
Chapter 14. Put The Pressure On Yourself
Chapter 15. Maximize Your Personal Powers
Chapter 16. Motivate Yourself Into Action
Chapter 17. Get Out Of The Technological Time Sinks
Chapter 18. Slice And Dice The Task
Chapter 19. Create Large Chunks Of Time
Chapter 20. Develop A Sense Of Urgency
Chapter 21. Single Handle Every Task
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