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Zenobia: The Curious Book of Business
Author: Matthew Emmens , Beth Kephart

Publisher: Tata Mcgraw Hill
ISBN: 9780070230255
Pages: 116
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Visionary Leader and Author: Matthew Emmens is a legendary keynoter and advocate of progressive leadership models in the pharmaceutical industry (as profiled in Forbes magazine), and is CEO of Shire Pharmaceuticals with over 3000 employees in 15 countries and almost 1.6 billion dollars in revenue annually Heavily Networked and Connected Team: Beth Kephart is a regular contributor for the Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and Philadelphia Inquirer. She and Emmens also have a network of colleagues at BusinessWeek, Dow Jones, Red Herring, Fortune, NY Times, Bloomberg News and USA Today Absolutely Original and Abnormally Well-Written: Coauthored by a National Book Award finalist and winner of the 2005 Pew Fellowship in the Arts grant, and containing 14 illustrations by an award-winning artist, the quality of the writing and content is both vastly superior and vastly different than other business fables currently available in the marketplace