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Operating Systems : Design and Imlementaion
Author: Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 9780131429383
Pages: 1080
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For introductory courses on computer operating systems.

Revised to address the latest version of MINIX (MINIX 3), this streamlined, simplified new edition remains the only operating systems text to first explain relevant principles, then demonstrate their applications using a Unix-like operating system as a detailed example. It has been especially designed for high reliability, for use in embedded systems, and for ease of teaching.

Salient Features

Accompanying CD-ROM with the latest version of MINIX and simulators for running MINIX on other systems - A small, easy-to-understand highly reliable operating sys­tem is available for study; unique to this text.
Relevant sections of MINIX code are described in detail in most chapters - Provides problems at the end of each chapter, with separate solutions manual for the instructor.
Simulators for running MINIX on other systems are available.
MINIX includes networking based in TCP/IP - the full source code of the MINIX TCP/IP implementation is included on the CD-ROM.

New to this Edition

Simpler presentation than previous editions - Features less than 4,000 lines of code in the kernel.
Updates to nearly every section of the book - Includes significant changes to the sections on CPU scheduling, deadlocks, file system reliability and security.
Many updated references to the modern literature to replace older citations.