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Author: Gulu Ezekiel

Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780140000000
Pages: 240
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Maharaj' to his family, Lord Snooty' to his county mates in Lancashire and Dada' to his team, 29-year-old Sourav Ganguly has in the past few years rewritten the rules of captaincy for the Indian team. Unlike several of his predecessors, he is seen as an impartial, non-parochial captain, forever pushing his players to perform better. Off the field, his interactions with the media and his fans (and detractors) have been uncompromisingly honest and have earned him the respect of cricket followers everywhere.

But none of it came easily. The early years in domestic cricket had their share of highs and lows-none more paradoxical than his first major breakthrough in first-class cricket, when he was picked for a Ranji Trophy final at the cost of his older brother Snehashis. On the international arena, his sensational Test debut at Lord's in 1996 and the second Sahara Cup Friendship series against Pakistan in 1997 thrust him dramatically into the limelight, but it wasn't long before he found himself blacklisted again, for reasons of ´┐Żattitude'. When he came back into the side, it was an older, more mature cricketer that we saw, one ready to take on more responsibilities and wear the mantle of leadership with uncommon authority and commitment. Since then, there have been several swings of fortune when he has been alternately eulogized and vilified, but there can be no doubt in anybody's mind that Sourav has brought excitement and passion back to the game in India and has forced the rest of the world to sit up and take notice of him and his players.

In this book, Gulu Ezekiel follows the career of the Indian captain from the early years to the eve of the 2003 World Cup. With his trademark attention to detail and impeccable research, he uncovers the little known quirks of Sourav's personality even as he records the details of his cricketing career. What emerges from this riveting account is the portrait of a man at the peak of his powers, with the ability, motivation and sheer grit to carry his team, and himself, to heights previously unscaled in the history of Indian cricket.
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