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The Funniest Thing You Never Said
Author: Rosemarie Jarski

Publisher: Ebury Press
ISBN: 009189766-1
Pages: 562
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Whether for the loo or bedside entertainment or as a work of reference or self-improvement The Funniest Thing You Never Said is the best humorous quote book there is - a one-stop shop. It is bigger and better than the competition and ordered not A-Z by who said the quote but by thematic categories complemented by an author index - love, business, religion, celebrity, you name it, every category is covered. The collection includes all the classics from Oscar Wilde to Winston Churchill, Dorothy Parker to Groucho Marx but also mines many new hidden gems from lesser lights and includes many contemporary quotes by everyone from Jilly Cooper to Jonathan Ross. A priceless standard companion for new collectors and a fresh perspective for serious quotation addicts.