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Don't sweat the small stuff
Author: Richard carlson

Publisher: hodder Mobius
ISBN: 9780340708019
Pages: 272
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This book, Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, contains a number of short essays, which are written with the intention of providing the readers with simple tips to have a more peaceful outlook in life. Through the course of the book, the author reiterates that each individual can make a significant change for the better, in his or her own personal life.

Some of the issues which the author tackles, include criticism, unwillingness to accept being at fault, questioning the long-term effects of present decisions. The author not only throws light on these issues, but gives the readers key insight into overcoming this kind of behavior in time to come. He also tells the readers that they should have a good attitude towards other people, helping them out in trouble, without publicizing it at all.

The author guides the readers into making decisions that will cause them to be stress-free and enjoy their life. This book is definitely worth a read. The advice offered in it is simple and can be put into practice by people of various age groups, all over the world.