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Geronimo Stilton :Thea Stilton and the Dancing Shadows
Description : Meet more of Geronimo Stilton's friends and family in Thea Stilton And The Dancing Shadows: 14 (Gero...
The Traveller's Gift
Description : A brilliant crossover between self help and fiction, "The Traveller's Gift" uses a powerful modern d...
Grandparents' Bag of Stories
Description : It's 2020 and children are stuck indoors as the novel coronavirus finds its way into India. A nation...
Author : Prafulla Ray
Publisher : Dey Publisher's
Description : To be Upated
Sajano Bagan
Sajano Bagan
Author : Manoj Mitra
Publisher : Karuna
Description :
Oghoton Ago Ghote
Description : To be updated
The Valhalla Exchange
Description : This is the electrifying WWII bestseller from the master of the game. On the 30th April 1945, Russia...
Bhraman Sangi 2017
Description :
Read It Yourself with Ladybird : Level 3 : Puss In Boots
Description : Designed for children learning to read, this book retells "Puss in Boots" in lively, natural languag...
Khelna Pati(খেলনা পাতি), February 2017
Description : To Be Updated
Geronimo Stilton:Cavemice #1 The Stone of Fire
Description : This new Geronimo Stilton series spin-off is set in the Stone Age. Who is Geronimo Stiltonoot? He is...
By The Light Of The Moon
Description : Author of one #1 New York Times bestseller after another, Koontz is at the pinnacle of his powers, s...
Conversations With God - Book Two
Description : When Neale Donald Walsch was experiencing a low point in his life, he decided to write a letter to G...
Ruu (Bengali)
Ruu (Bengali)
Author : Luci Deb
Publisher : Dey Publisher's
Description : To Be Updated
The Best Of Cadbury Bourn Vita Quiz Contest
Description : The Bournvita Quiz Contest has been an integral part of growing up for countless school children acr...
Author : NA
Publisher :
Description :
Alibaba & The Forty Thieves
Description : Alibaba was a smart and poor man but his brother was rich. One day Alibaba discovered the forty thie...
Srestha Galpa
Description : Collection of short stories by Mahasweta devi
Aai Larki
Description : ऐ लड़की यह एक लंबी कहानी है - यों तो मृत्...
Description : Wal-Smart is not just a book about Wal-Mart. It's about the principles of leadership in a Wal-Mart e...
Geronimo Stilton:Cavemice #10: My Autosaurus Will Win
Description : It's the start of an exciting cave mice contest: a race to Boulder Bay and back! It's a dangerous ro...
Lady Boss
Lady Boss
Author : Jackie Collins
Publisher : Pocket Books
Description : Lucky wants to become a part of Hollywood by buying a movie studio from the powerful Abe Panther, bu...
Amar Urmi
Description : To Be Updated
 A Yuletide Seduction
Description : " Through an exclusive arrangement with the publisher, Thorndike Press offers the finest selections ...
New Adventures of the Wishing Chair 4: Giantland
Description : Whisk yourself away to lands of magic and wonder with Enid Blyton's New Adventures of the Wishing-Ch...